Up to date RaSCSI Software

On the RaSCSI website only the source code for the RaSCSI software is available, but there are no binaries. For users who cannot compile the sources themselves I provide binaries for the FULLSPEC board. The archive contains a development version with numerous extensions and bug fixes I contributed. These are the most important changes:

RaSCSI Development Version RaSCSI binaries (development version from 9/18/21)

The binaries were built with the current 32 bit Raspberry Pi OS, but also work with the current 32 bit version of Ubuntu.
It may be required to add missing libraries to the runtime environment:

sudo apt install -y libpcap0.8

When launching rascsi the SCSI IDs to be used and the respective drive image files and optional device types are specified:

sudo rascsi -ID0 hddr1108_scsi.hds -ID5 -t sccd cd.iso -ID6 -n "iomega:jaz 1GB:H.72" -t scrm /dev/hda

In this exampe the file hddr1107_scsi.hds is installed as hard disk with SCSI ID 1, the file cd.iso as CD-ROM drive with SCSI ID 5 and the device file /dev/sda as JAZ drive with SCSI ID 6. /dev/sda can be a memory card, for instance.

Detailed information, e.g. on launching the software automatically and on the web interface, is provided on the RaSCSI website.